Viewer ControlsΒΆ

The GUI responds to the following input keys:

'h'                     : Toggle help menu
'q'                     : Quit the simulation
'b'                     : (Break) Pauses and unpauses the simulation.
'space bar'             : When paused, take a single simulation step.
'a'                     : Rotate through the camera views
'A'                     : Rotate to a free movement camera view with pre-defined orientation
'right/left arrows'     : Change the aircraft to follow
'['                     : Decrease simulation warp speed
']'                     : Increase simulation warp speed
'+'                     : Increase visual scale of all entities
'-'                     : Decrease visual scale of all entities
'N'                     : Increase visual scale of entity numeric labels
'n'                     : Decrease visual scale of entity numeric labels
'r'                     : Reset visual scale and reset camera position
'z'                     : Zoom out from entity
'Z'                     : Zoom in to entity (z+shift)
'w'                     : Display wireframe
's'                     : Display solids (vs. wireframe)
'CTRL + Left Click'     : Rotate world
'SHIFT + Left Click'    : Translate camera through world


If the terrain data is not fully displayed or if the entities do not appear, clicking on the SCRIMMAGE GUI will correct the problem. This is a small bug in VTK.