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Simulating Collaborative Robots in Massive Multi-Agent Game Execution, or SCRIMMAGE, provides a flexible simulation environment for the experimentation and testing of novel mobile robotics algorithms. The development of SCRIMMAGE was inspired by the Stage robotics simulator. Specifically, Stage’s ability to efficiently simulate multiple robots and its plugin interface for robotic control, motion models, sensors, and autonomy communication are desirable. However, Stage is inherently a two-dimensional simulator, which limits its usefulness for aerial robotic platforms. SCRIMMAGE provides a three-dimensional robotics environment that can simulate varying levels of sensor and motion model fidelity due to its flexible plugin interface. This allows a robotics researcher to simulate hundreds of aircraft with low-fidelity motion models or tens of aircraft with high-fidelity motion models on a standard consumer laptop. If greater performance is desired, SCRIMMAGE was designed with parallelization in mind, such that it can execute on a cluster.

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) supports the development of SCRIMMAGE.